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🎖To All Financial Advisors: How To Do Proper Goal Setting in 2020🙌🏻

⭐2020 is going to be a big year for you, so I want you to get your goal setting correct. The reality is that goals determine how far you will go.
⭐Unfortunately, majority of people set goals that are either too unrealistic (which leads to burnout) or too easily achievable (preventing one from ever reaching their full potential).
⭐Thus, I’ve recorded this video for you to explain how I use proper goal planning every year to hit more than 100 MDRT in just about a decade in this industry.
⭐Here is a gift for all Mentoring Family members to kickstart February 2020.
⭐The free download is LIMITED so I suggest this is the best time to share it with someone who can benefit it.

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