How to become a Trusted Advisor. From the sales training course below.


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More than any other title in sales the one you want to own is Trusted Advisor. When your customer calls you their Trusted Advisor, you have arrived. Some think this title has become a sales cliché. They fail to realize it’s not about the words. This title elevates you to a level few sales people ever reach. It’s a club you want to be a part of. Here’s how you become a Trusted Advisor:
• Do what you said you would do.
• Do what your customers didn’t think could be done.
• Send thank you notes.
• Keep your customers abreast of industry trends.
• Inform them of what their competitors are doing.
• Introduce them to people and companies who can help them.
• Keep them up-to-date of any new pricing, products, polices or procedures within your company.
• Check in often with value and make sure they are still happy with your product. Be proactive.

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I have been successfully selling products and services for over two decades. My first job was at the age of 10, working at a hot dog stand in Skokie, Illinois. It’s where I first learned the value of, “you want fries with that?” which you can read about in the course.

I have won sales awards with every company I have worked for, or have run. In 2002, my company, MindIQ, was included in the INC. 500 list for one of the fastest growing private companies in America, over a five year period.

I have encountered probably every type of sales situation you will ever run into. What you will learn in this course is not theory. I have lived, and continue to live 262 business days a year, every one of these sales lessons.