Jeff Heeg, Log Home Project Advisor


Learn more about Golden Eagle Log Homes through one of our sales advisors, Jeff Heeg.

My name is Jeff Heeg, I’m a sales advisor at Golden Eagle Log Homes and that is to guide customers through the whole process of building the Golden Eagle log home. My wife and I have lived in a log home roughly 13 years. I knew that living in Wisconsin Rapids area my entire life that Golden Eagle had a very, very good track record.

I was self employed for 24 years and when you’re a sole owner of a business, everything falls on your shoulders, every department at Golden Eagle has a part to play. I started working at Golden Eagle log homes January 17, 2005, I have sold roughly 250 homes. Two times a year Golden Eagle runs a tour of homes and when I see customers that I’ve been involved with through the entire journey of building a Golden Eagle show their beautiful home to future customers, it’s a very, very heart warming conversation listening to them talk and express the pleasure that they had through the whole process. We had a customer that his original plans that we got from him were actually sketched on a napkin , believe it or not, he had gone to all the log home shows, he had talked to the various companies across the United States, we were able to take his plans and make the dream home that he wanted . I’m very happy to say that I work for a company that’s a three generation family-owned company since 1966, I think it’s very simple, family comes first.