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Live Well APS, Inc. is a professional onboarding facilitator, advocate, and digital marketing company that helps all types of doctor and privately-owned practices protect and preserve their business and succeed in today’s challenging healthcare business environment.

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Making a Real Difference

In many areas across the country, it feels like practices are no longer doctor or privately owned. The days of private practitioners seem to be dying. We’re all told that big hospital and multi-specialty groups are the future, but corporate medicine has turned health care into a usurious, perverse business model that harms patients.

As one of our friendly, knowledgeable and professional sales advisors, you will play a huge role making a real difference in people’s lives. We work directly with Americas doctor and privately-owned medical, dental, chiropractic, ophthalmology, cosmetic and many other elective and non-elective practices to help them access a product suite of innovative and effective ethical patient-friendly payment options and business services. We impact and protect our clients and the patients they serve, and the positive effects could last for generations.

The future of quality health care, has and always will, depend upon the survival of doctor and privately-owned practices. However, to succeed in our corporatized medicine culture and current economic conditions, they must adopt viable alternatives to their current patient payment models. This makes the demand for the products and services that we onboard extremely high!

We believe that the greatest factor in the success of a business is the quality of its people. We work hard to attract, hire, and train Sales Advisors that are notable for their intelligence, work ethic, and self-awareness. And with our wide range of service offering, we are looking for people with a variety of skill sets and experience. We invite you to explore our unique opportunity.

Live Well APS provides its unique opportunity to anyone without regard to sales/marketing experience or any matter of their background.

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