Meet Unboxed Sales Advisor


Hi, I’m Anne with Unboxed Technology. Thanks for your interest in Unboxed Sales Advisor.

Unlike other sales enablement tools, we built Sales Advisor with both your sales reps and your prospects in mind.

Sales Advisor helps your reps:
1.Create needs-based recommendations
2. Build and deliver interactive sales presentations and
3. Optimize your sales process using data and insights not found in
other tools.

All while providing your prospects with a customer experience your competitors could only dream of.

Let’s take a closer look.

With complex products and sales processes, it can be hard to remember every available option.

Advisor’s Dynamic Recommendation Engine solves this by empowering sales reps to sit side-by-side with a prospect and ask smart questions to identify their needs.

Advisor then recommends the best solution, including
bundles and add-ons, all in one place.
Prepping for an upcoming meeting with a prospect?

Just answer a few key questions and Advisor will recommend:
• relevant sales and marketing materials,
• additional qualifying questions,
• and even training content.

Advisor’s Dynamic Recommendation Engine is your sales rep’s companion – guiding them to information they need to impress customers and build trusting relationships.

Like most enterprise sales organizations, you probably have a lot of sales and marketing content spread across many systems and it may be hard to find the right content at the right time.

Unboxed Sales Advisor lets you:
1. Upload, link to, and organize all your sales and marketing content
in one place, giving your reps instant access to the most up-to-date
2. Enable access to specific content by job role, location, and other
unique permissions, so reps only see what’s relevant to them.
3. And embed high-quality, interactive demos and videos to quickly
demonstrate your products and services.

Reps can easily share materials with prospects via email, and Advisor will track open-rates to help reps with meaningful follow-ups.

And finally, Unboxed Sales Advisor helps you optimize your sales process by giving you access to data you’ve never had before, including:

• Answers to needs-based questions
• Popular recommendations
• Content used to close sales
• And even customer trust metrics showing the number of shared

You can also export this data to many popular CRMs and reporting platforms.

So, you may be wondering – my products and services are unique. How can this work for me?

We’ve got you covered.

We’ll partner with you to learn your business and customize Advisor to meet your sales team’s unique needs.

From your products and services, brand, style, and sales process… to your data, systems, and integrations.

Want to learn more? Reach out to schedule a personalized demo.