sales advisor job description


A typical sales job description includes 4 main part as follows:

1. Job information: job title, reporting relationships, department, job location, manager/supervisor’s title, job code, purpose and objective of the job, job roles…
2. List of main task/duties/responsibilities
3. Contents of Job Specifications
• Knowledg/education.
• Skill requirements.
• Experience.
• Abilities. Ability include physical ability, metal ability, aptitudes.
4. Contents of working conditions
• Environmental conditions
• Job hazards / safety
• Machine, tools and equipments

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The above salesjob description can be used for fields as: corporate, country, digital, distribution, district, event, export, fashion, field, fmcg, food industry, furniture, gallery, general, golf, grocery, group, gym, healthcare, hospitality, hotel, hotel group, hvac, inside, insurance, internal, international, internet, it, jewelry, junior, kitchen, leasing, linkedin, logistics, manufacturing, marketing, media, mortgage, new car, oem, oil and gas, online, outbound, outside, overseas, parts, pharmaceutical, pre, project, real estate, regional, retail, senior, software, technical, technology, telecom, territory, tourism, travel, vehicle, web, wedding, wholesale, wine…