Financial Advisor Marketing Plan


In this video Matt Oechsli, President of The Oechsli Institute, gives five tips on how financial advisors can build a proven marketing plan designed to attract affluent clients.

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Tip #1: Determine Your Ideal Client Profile.

Are you focused on bringing in clients with $1 million or more in investable assets? Are you focused on small business owners? Professionals? Are you dealing with C-suite executives? Your starting point is to identify your ideal client profile.

Tip #2: Match Your Ideal Client Profile to Our Affluent Research

It’s important that you understand what type of marketing the affluent respond to. Where are their eyes and ears? Our affluent research is very clear, there are five high-impact marketing activities today’s affluent respond favorably to:

1. Personal Introductions
2. Referral Alliance Partners
3. Socializing and Networking
4. Word-of-Mouth Influence
5. Intimate Client Events

Tip 3#: Take Inventory of Your Affluent Clients and Referral Alliance Partners

Each of your affluent clients have seven spheres of influence. Within these spheres of influence are your personal introductions. The seven spheres are:

1. Family
2. Neighbors
3. Colleagues
4. Organizations
5. Recreation
6. Professionals
7. Friends

Your goal is to uncover prospects through each of these seven spheres. Not all of them are going to be ideal prospects, but you will find your fair share. You also need to assess the CPAs and attorneys you are targeting to and make certain their clients fit your ideal client profile as well.

Tip #4: Create Your Relationship Management and Relationship Marketing Calendar

Next, plan the social interactions you will be having with clients and referral alliance partners. Plan the social events you will be attending and determine the intimate events you will be hosting. We recommend at least bi-monthly intimate events.

The idea is to put structure around your relationship management and relationship marketing plan.

Tip #5: Create a Budget

So, you have a great relationship management and relationship marketing plan – let’s put some dollars behind it. Our research tells us that elite advisors spend four percent or more of their total revenue on their relationship management and relationship marketing budget. This is an investment in your practice. You are schmoozing your clients and at the same time, marketing for new clients.

Now you have a great plan, designed for a financial advisors, but the best plan is worthless without execution. If you are challenged at all with execution, reach out to us. We are happy to help.

Since 1978, The Oechsli Institute has helped financial advisors achieve their goal of reaching more affluent clients and building long-term personal relationships with those clients. For more than three decades, they have conducted ongoing studies on both the affluent, in their decision making patterns, and elite advisors in their marketing and sales tactics. The goal is to help advisors and teams improve their sales and marketing efforts, modernize their service models — all while strengthening the loyalty of their affluent clients.


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