Life Insurance Sales Techniques | ग्राहक के रिश्तों को बीमा सुरक्षा दीजिये (Ritesh Lic Advisor)


Life Insurance Sales Techniques | Life Insurance Prospecting Ideas | Life Insurance Agent | Insurance Advisor | Prospecting Tips And Techniques | How To Sell Insurance | Prospecting | Ritesh Lic Advisor | Insurance Advisor | ग्राहक के रिश्तों को बीमा सुरक्षा दीजिये

About the Video (Life Insurance Sales Techniques)
This video has been made in Hindi language. Excellent animation, mix of Hindi English fonts and images of good quality have been used to present the video a better presentation. There may be a slight echo problem in the video voice. Therefore, it is suggested to start the video in a slow voice. Later you can adjust the voice as per your convenience.

Aim of Video- The major challenge for a life insurance agent is to find new customers. In this video, a few ways are described, by adopting which you can easily sell an insurance policy in relation to your existing customers.
Hence, if you are a life insurance agent. So you should watch this entire video carefully.

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Disclaimer- This video has been created with the objective of enhancing the education of life insurance agents and insured. If on our channel “Ritesh Lic Advisor”, the data of premium or payment of any type of life insurance policy is displayed. So it is indicative and the purpose is only intended to understand the potential benefits of life insurance plans. The benefits are not guaranteed and the actual results may depend on the future performance of the insurer.
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